What will happen if we stop TIME?

Although theoretically it is possible, with our present technology stopping time is impracticable.

We know that Speed = Distance /Time, so Time= Distance / Speed. If we want to make time 0 then we will have to move with an infinite speed. Unfortunately nothing can travel at the speed of light or faster than light

But…suppose somehow we stop time then what will happen? – I pondered on this thought and found some answers.

If we freeze time then everything will become stand-still. The wind will stop blowing, the water will stop flowing, and everybody around us will be frozen. Even we will not be able to realize that the time has stopped. If we try to move we will feel that we are stuck at the same place because the atmosphere will also be frozen. We will not be able to call anybody because there will be no medium for the sound to travel through, and there will be darkness as the photons – light particles will stop moving. And, most importantly we will find it difficult to push the oxygen molecules in the air to our lungs.

After stopping time if we resume it then we may end up finding ourselves and our frame of reference in a bubble which has a different position in time then the world outside the bubble.

Stopping time has its unpleasant effects. We will be deaf, blind, and stuck in one place forever.

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