If it's destiny, It will show up eventually. You don't have to force, Don't have to deceive. It will only ache. Love shall like, Sit close, And smile. If you shut all your doors, It will sit on the porch. If you push it away, It's not going to leave. If it's destiny, It shall … Continue reading Destiny

Why Do Marriages Fail – Love and Lust

Marriages are made in heaven. Marriage - The amalgamation of two souls yet they come to naught. Love is the most admirable pleasant sensation. Relationships are of two kinds - one where lust prevails, the other filled with mutual respect. Love in which lust dominates is like a blaze, intense but burns down soon, love … Continue reading Why Do Marriages Fail – Love and Lust


Hey blogger family... Finally I published an Ebook - a tiny poetry collection on Kindle. "Unsweetened - Poetry Of Soul" - contains 27 of my poems, divided into three portions - Life, Love and The Society. Each poem written in this book bears a story behind it. Poems such as "Rule of their world" is … Continue reading Unsweetened


There're Chapattis, All over the tracks. They called, Chand !! Have left for whom? For those who says, Increase hunger, Increase poverty, To remain in power. Does this bring pleasure? To sit on that ... And drink blood !! "Chand" means "The Moon" Copyright ©Jay Yadav

Buddha’s Word : The Vicissitudes Of Life

No worldly condition lasts forever. Everything -- good and bad, pleasure and pain and success or failure changes. Life is full of metamorphosis. In the word of the Tathagata, there are eight worldly conditions, these keep the world turning around... The eight worldly conditions -- Gain and Loss, Fame and Disrepute, Praise and Blame, Pleasure … Continue reading Buddha’s Word : The Vicissitudes Of Life