Second Sight – Short Story Collection

“Second Sight” is a collection of 6 short – stories each belonging to a different genre.

The first story is “Promise”. An American girl Tanya falls in love over the internet with Ajay, who lives in India. Ajay proposed her for marriage, he showed Tanya the ring he bought for her but Tanya refused his proposal for she didn’t want to commit to someone without meeting him in person. After that day Tanya never heard from Ajay. At first Tanya thought that Ajay is angry and she had a valid point so she didn’t try to convince him.

Being separated from him, Tanya realized the love she has for Ajay. Anxious Tanya tried to contact her lover but she didn’t get any response. Tanya assumed that Ajay had met someone in his country and was leading a happy married life.

But in her dreams Ajay was continuously telling her that he is waiting for her, Tannya felt guilty, all she wanted was to meet Ajay and apologized. So, she traveled to India. After searching the whole city of Varanasi, finally, Tanya met Ajay, he wasn’t married.

What was the reason behind Ajay’s silence, and did he give Tanya the ring he bought?? Did Ajay keep his promise ?? What happened to the couple at last? Read the full story to know.

The link to the book is here

Second Sight – Short Stories

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Tears Of The River

Hey Family..

Just published a short story on Amazon kindle. It’s a story about a couple and how climate change has pushed their lives into misery and uncertainty.

The story is only 3 pages long so it’ll not take a lot of your time to read. I hope you’ll love this story. Please don’t forget to leave reviews and suggestion. Your feedback means alot, through your reviews I’ll learn.

The story is free for kindle unlimited users. For others the price is only $1.00.

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This morning I received a Whatsapp text from her. “Congratulate me.”

Without much thinking, “Congratulations.” I said. “May I know what happened?”

“Finally I got married.”

I wasn’t preplexed, sad or happy for I knew that someday it shall happen. Our paths will diverge.

“That’s great.” I said. ” I am happy for you.”

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What is Glacial Lake Outbrust Flood ? Is climate change responsible ?

Recently Uttrakhand has witnessed the fury of nature when a devastating flash flood nearly washed away two hydropower projects and killed several people. Many are still missing. Reports said that a portion of Nanda Devi group of glaciers fell into a river that resulted in a avalanche of water and debris. Some reports said it was a Glacial Lake Outbrust Flood. The actual cause of the catastrophic event is being probed.

Glacial lakes are not rare in the Himalayan region. Glacial lakes form when glacial ice or morines or natural depressions impound water. In other words, when glacier create a depression by eroding the land surface and then melts and fill the depression with water this results into formation of a glacial lake.

We are aware of climate change and global warming, the rising temperature is causing glacial retreat. By the end of the century the Himalayas may loss one third of its glacial.

Rapid retreat of glacial increases run-off (Water flowing on the surface) contributes to the growth of glacial lakes and converts some superglacial lakes into morine-dammed lakes. These lakes tend to break the weak and unstable loose morine dam with catastrophic impacts downstream.

Global warming and ice ages are not new in the geological history of Earth but it has been observed that after the industrial revolution because of anthropogenic causes the global temperature is rising at an alerming rate.

The Himalayan region is geologiclly still young and ecologically very sensitive and is prone to adverse impacts of global climate change on account of both natural causes and anthopogenic emissions in other parts of the world as well as those arising out of unplanned developmental activities in the region.

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Bit Of Joy

Hey everyone ! I hope all of you are doing pretty good… So, it has been a week since I wrote my last article. Actully I went on a family trip to Darjeeling.

Perhaps you know that I live in Kolkata, so Darjeeling is not very far from my place. With the snow capped peaks of Kanchenjunga in its backdrop Darjeeling is a very beautiful town in eastern India famous for its tea, the narrow – gauge Darjeeling – Himalayan train aka Toy train, and its picturesque landscapes.

Actully this post is not about my travel experience but something that touched my heart during this trip. I’d make a different blog post about my travel experience in Darjeeling.

As you may know that I like people watching. This gives me ideas about new stories and help me build characters for my stories.

If you have been to Darjeeling then you may know that there is famous restaurant named “Keventers” located in Nehru Road.

So, I was waiting outside Keventers for my sister – she was taking icecream from that restaurant. A small boy – most probably 6/7 years old was bagging outside. He was sitting near the entrance of the restaurant. It was very cold but the child had no enough warm clothes on. A few tourists dropped coins in the small bucket resting in front of him. I wanted to help. In the mean time I saw three ladies, one of them was carrying some food items. They stopped near the child and sat with him, the lady with the food packet in her hand offered it to the little boy. He was shy, and only after the ladies insisted him, he accepted the food packet. Three of them asked him to eat. After he finished the food then only the ladies left. They asked him his name, how’s he doing? Where he is from? After they left I and my sister went to meet the little boy. I asked him if he wants something. All he asked for was a packet of popcorn. And, when my sister handed the a packet of popcorn to him, his face gleamed with joy.

I know there’s nothing special in this post but the purpose of sharing this experience with you is to tell you that the things which have little or no value to us are valuable for others.

I don’t know his name, but if any one visit Darjeeling in future and meet that little man ourside that particular restaurant then kindly help him to have a better future.

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In the land of belief

It took three long years to confess what I was holding for you in my heart. I couldn’t tell you what you mean to me until the last day of college. I knew that you like me and you were having similar feelings too.

It was love at first sight. I missed the first day of college so did you. The 9 AM class had already started when you stood at the door and asked if you’re allowed to come in. I was sitting on the first bench. My eyes met yours. You were and you are the most beautiful women I have ever met in my life. At first glance I lost my heart, fell in love with the wonderful girl, with whom I wanted to live till the end of time.

We spent three years together. Sitting next to you during the lectures was the best feeling ever. When I held your hand for the first time, you smiled.

Unaware of the harsh reality of the world I dreamt of a tiny place in this vast world where you and me could grow old together. When we came to know about our religions it didn’t change anything – love, care, and affection for each other, but after that day we had to stop dreaming about two people living one life. You are the eldest daughter of your family and I am the eldest of mine. You had your family’s dignity to carry on your shoulder. I had my family’s pride resting on my shoulder.

At last, I told you that I love you. That afternoon we cried. Tried to wash away our feelings with tears. Fifteen years ago we lived in a story which will remain unfinished.

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